Is voice the next big thing in healthcare?

Or is it just another bump along the rocky road of innovation?

There seems to be a new solution every day; wearables, assistive technologies, apps and IoT; to support daily needs, monitor wellbeing and maintain remote engagement, to provide entertainment and family engagement.

One of these, RemindMeCare provides software for tablets that enables enhanced person-centred care delivery and carer and family connectivity, from care in the community to live-in, housing, residential and ward care. Now, working with Alexa, its founders, Simon Hooper and Etienne Abrahams, believe that voice tech has the potential to be a game changer - one that will achieve the engagement with the person cared for, whether elderly, with dementia or with cognitive impairment, that has so often been missing with previous innovation.Woman doctor with tablet

'For unless tech is fun, rewarding and personalised, then it won't be long before it starts to gather dust', says Simon Hooper, co-founder of RemindMeCare. 'For it's not everyone that wants to tap on a screen, and eyesight can be an issue. But nearly everyone from the day we're born, loves to be heard'.

As the host and sponsor at the GIANT Health event 'Innovations in Voice' conference on 30th November 2017, RemindMeCare is bringing together experts; those working on voice solutions, such as local authorities, businesses, developers and business leaders, from Barclays, Deloitte and PHE, to academia and government GDPR think tank experts, as well as start-ups, Chinese robotics manufacturers and AI visionaries. 'It will be a day of debate and discussion, of problems voiced and visions explored'. One not to be missed if you also believe that voice may represent the dawn of a new era in self-care management enablement.

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