Understanding the Customer Needs. The Key to Fastroi’s Success.

Fastroi are a Finnish company developing Care Management Software for the residential & domiciliary sectors. As market leaders in Finland they have led the digital transformation of social care in Finland for over 15 years. Fastroi developed ‘Real-Time Care’ (RTC) in cooperation with industry professionals and are now introducing it to the UK market with much interest. 

Data Analysis Gives a Deeper Insight

Over the last year Fastroi have been examining the data collected by the CQC. It has given an understanding of the issues that many care organisations face. The results were clear. Many services are not using any kind of Care Management Software. They may achieve improvements and deliver high quality care for a short time, but they will always be susceptible to external factors. If changes creep in slowly, things may be difficult to control and may only be spotted at the next inspection. If they occur quickly, then the results can be catastrophic.

Let the Process Take the Stress Not the Staff

Real-Time Care from Fastroi is effective because the tool now controls the process, not the person. This is significant since most of the issues we have identified from the data could not happen if processes were properly controlled. It should be easy for a manager to use RTC to present all of the information about staffing levels or bed availability to service owners, making the service less susceptible to external influence or pressure. Staffing becomes more stable, staff feel more comfortable in their positions which in turn leads to higher retention levels and less agency staff being needed. This leads to lower costs, higher profits and a much less Understanding the Customer Needs. The Key to Fastroi’s Success.stressful environment. The result - Higher Quality of Care.

Integrations Improve the Experience

This vision sees integration to wider systems as key to the future of digital transformation in healthcare. In Finland, Fastroi work closely to integrate with the the Government Kanta systemto provide a more seamless system for people accessing their medical information.

One of the advantages of Real-Time Care is it’s stability and reliability which has been a key factor of our domestic growth. Fastroi understand that when it comes to health and social care software, there is no room for mistakes. Improving the quality of care is at the forefront of everything that Fastroi do and this leads to outstanding results.