Care and Nursing Essentials Magazine Issue 93

Care & Nursing Essentials is the care industry’s own entirely independent magazine, offering its advertisers an opportunity to present their products and services to this extensive market, in a highly Royal Mail Logocost effective way.

Target Audience: Published six times a year, each issue is distributed to residential and care home owners and managers. All postal distribution handled by Royal Mail *.

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When booking advertising always remember 'repetition is recognition’.

Familiarity = affection = trust + loyalty to your brand

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reasons to use magazines

Reason why you should use magazines

1. Magazines and magazine ads capture focused attention:

The focused process of magazine reading leads to less media multi-tasking, ensuring single-minded attention to advertising.

Reason why you should use magazines

2. Magazine advertising is targeted: 

Magazines engage readers in very personal ways. There’s a magazine for every passion and a passion for every magazine.

Reasons why you should use magazines

3. Magazine advertising is relevant and welcomed: 

Consumers value magazine advertising, reading it almost as much as the editorial itself. The ads are accepted as an essential part of the magazine mix.

Reasons why you should use magazines

4. Magazines are credible: 

Consumers trust magazines so much that they are the leading sources of information that readers recommend by word-of-mouth to others.

Reasons why you should use magazines

5. Magazines offer a lasting message: 

Ads keep working 24/7. They provide a lasting, durable message with time to study a brand’s benefits. Consumers clip and save magazine ads for future reference.

Reasons why you should use magazines

6. Magazines deliver brand relevant imagery: 

Magazine editorial imbues ads with brand relevant imagery, associations and a frame of reference that delivers greater reader receptivity to brand ads.

Reasons why you should use magazines

7. Magazine advertising drives web searches and visits: 

Magazines are where consumers go for ideas and inspiration. That’s why magazine ads are leading influencers, driving readers to advertiser websites and to start a search.

Reasons why you should use magazines

8. Magazines sell: 

Study after study prove that magazines help drive sales objectives, as a stand alone medium or in combination with others. Over half of readers act on exposure to magazine ads.

Whats our customers say

“Here at Win Health Ltd we have advertised in Care & Nursing Essentials for many years. The service provided is cost effective and efficient and we get good results!

We are happy to continue using Care & Nursing for our advertising needs.”

Win Health Ltd


"Gompels have advertised for many years in Care & Nursing Essentials Magazine 

Their sales staff are not only extremely knowledgeable, but are also extremely pleasant & approachable & are willing to help with any matter or concerns that you may have.

Care & Nursing offer an extremely competitive service, they not only deliver on quality but price as well.”.



Mobile Kitchens are regular advertisers in Care & Nursing Essentials Magazine which has proven to be very effective.

“We’ve always found C&N the perfect platform to get our brand out to key decision-makers. We’d recommend it to any organisation wanting to deliver profile in the carer sector.”

Mobile Kitchens